About Us

Lynn grew up in Glen Rock, NJ and has lived with her husband and children in Wyckoff for 15 years. Lynn was inspired by the bravery of family members and friends who have been affected by breast cancer. The more she learns about this disease, the more determined she is to continue to educate herself and others and support those with this disease and their families. She appreciates all of the generous support and encouragement the organization has received which allows them to continue their mission.


Karen grew up in Prospect Park, NJ attending Unity Christian Reformed Church. She graduated from Eastern Christian and moved to Wyckoff in February of 2005. She is the proud mother of 2 incredible young ladies, Andrea (19) and Toni (12). She is the Controller of Foremost Ram Caterers, Inc., Rocky and Bullwinkle, LLC and Foremost Fresh, LLC and has been since 1997. Karen is also a member of the Moonachie, NJ CERT team. In addition to volunteering with such wonderful ladies for such an important cause, Karen spends a lot of time during the winter months up in the mountains of New Hampshire with her girls and her dogs. It is an honor for her to be a member of 074ATE1.


Wende is a lifelong resident of Bergen County, NJ. She is happily married to her husband, Ed, and is a loving mother to her sons William and Ryan, and a big St. Bernard named Phoebe. She joined 074ATE1 because breast cancer runs in her family and too many people she knows from acquaintances to those near and dear to her have been diagnosed with this disease. Wende is hoping that her part in 074ATE1 will help make women aware to get yearly mammograms and also extend support to those who have been already diagnosed.


Laura grew up in Midland Park, NJ and has lived in Ho-Ho-Kus with her husband and two daughters for 11 years. She graduated from Rutgers College with a BA in English and Psychology. Laura worked for AIG for 16 years and during that time earned her MBA from Northeastern University in Boston. She is an independent consultant for Arbonne International and is currently active in her community serving as Secretary of the Ho-Ho-Kus Education Foundation and is a member of the Ho-Ho-Kus Volunteer Fire Department Ladies’ Auxiliary. Laura was incredibly impressed and overwhelmed by 074ATE1′s mission in making a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Although she can neither cook nor lives in Wyckoff, she is deeply honored to be a member of their board and is fully committed to supporting their tremendous efforts.


Carol grew up in Stony Point, NY. She has lived in Wyckoff with her husband and children for 13 years. Carol has held several positions in various community organizations before working for 074ATE1. She believes that everyone should help those in need. By helping those in need, cures for horrible diseases can be discovered and prevention through education can be learned.


Heather grew up all over the United States, living in eight different states before 6th grade. She is a graduate of Missouri State University and worked as a corporate event planner, meeting manager and trade show executive for 10 years. Heather moved to NJ with her company in 1997 where she met and married life long Wyckoff resident, Rick Alnor, and has two sons, Clayton (12) and Carson (10). She has her own business, Maison de Paris Furniture, where she paints and refurbishes furniture and cabinets.


Maral grew up in Franklin Lakes, NJ and has lived in Wyckoff with her daughters, Julia (11) and Taline (9), since 2002. Maral works full time in sales while also pursuing her passion for cooking by catering private events, making special occasion cakes, and teaching cooking classes of all kinds at the Kings Cooking Studio in Short Hills. Maral’s involvement in 074ATE1 grew from sharing her favorite recipes in honor of friends affected by breast cancer and continues with the sincere wish to support the women and families affected in our community.


Jessica has been a life long resident of North Haledon, NJ but spent the last four years as a resident of the Bronx. Jessica is a recent graduate of Manhattan College, and graduated with a BA in Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting, Advertising and Public Relations, and a minor in Marketing and Digital Studio Art. Jessica currently serves as the Social Media Manager for The DSM Group, which is how she was first introduced to 074ATE1. After learning about their mission and knowing several people who have suffered from breast cancer, she just had to get involved and do everything she could to help make a difference.


Jennifer grew up in Upper Saddle River, NJ and has lived in Wyckoff with her husband, Bruce, and two children, Caroline (9) and Teddy (6), for 7 years. Jennifer has her real-estate license and loves to work with families who are looking to move into Wyckoff, as she is such a huge advocate of the many benefits the town has to offer. Jennifer came to work with 074ATE1 after seeeing the accomplishments of the committee and was inspired by their mission.


Erika was born and raised in Wyckoff, NJ and is currently majoring in History with a minor in Political Science at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. She is also an intern at the Mahwah Police Department. Erika was inspired not only by the tenacity that Lynn brought to the Committee but also by family and friends who are survivors or affected directly by breast cancer. The more and more she learns about breast cancer, the more passionate she becomes about educating herself and others about prevention and supporting those with the disease. She intends to bring the momentum started by 074ATE1 to Stockton with her and also intends to do as much as she can from within the institution as well as influencing the school’s surrounding area while continuing her role in the 07481.